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Pink Himalaya Salt
Pink Himalaya Salt
Pink Himalaya Salt
Pink Himalaya SaltPink Himalaya SaltPink Himalaya Salt

Pink Himalaya Salt

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Pink Himalaya Salt


Common Table Salt is chemically pure sodium chloride with the addition of an anti-caking agent to prevent clumping in a salt cellar. By law it has to be fortified with iodine, usually a synthetic form that is not body-ready. The anti-caking agent used in the demonstration box in our shop is Sodium Ferrocyanide (E535). The official Material Safety Data Sheet for Sodium Ferrocyanide declares that this substance is hazardous!


Sea Salt

The sea salt we sell here has organic certification. Beware of very cheap sea salt as the chances are that it has been heavily processed. In its natural state sea salt is around 97% sodium chloride, and 3% minerals. There are around 84 different ‘minerals’ including iodine, and trace minerals which the body needs, but only in small amounts, like vanadium, chromium, cobalt, manganese, copper, boron, selenium etc. Some of these trace minerals are hard to acquire from a modern processed food diet.

Sea salt tastes nicer than table salt.


Too much of any salt is obviously dangerous.


Pink Himalaya Salt

Mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

It’s very pretty and has around 0.5% more mineral content than sea salt, much of which is iron, which provides the colour.

Numerous health claims are made about pink salt. All of them are ridiculous: promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation; increasing bone strength; anti-ageing; normalising blood sugar; kidney and gall bladder tonic……to name just a few!

It tastes slightly different to sea salt, and somehow feels more virtuous when used in small amounts to bring out other food flavours and gently ‘lift’ or give depth to a dish.


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