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Jumbo Golden Raisins
Jumbo Golden Raisins
Jumbo Golden Raisins
Jumbo Golden Raisins
Jumbo Golden RaisinsJumbo Golden RaisinsJumbo Golden RaisinsJumbo Golden Raisins

Jumbo Golden Raisins

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Jumbo Golden Raisins


Jumbo Golden Raisins /sultanas


Large, chewy, tasty, tangy, visually appealing


The grapes are hand-picked and taken to the dehydrator in bins. The grapes are passed through a shaker and vacuum to remove leaves before being dipped in a warm solution. This produces tiny cracks in the grape skins to prepare the grapes to accept sulphur and speed up drying. The fruit is placed on wood trays stacked on rolling carts, which go inside sulphur tunnels. The grapes are exposed to sulphur dioxide for 6 to 8 hours, preserving their light colour—which can range from yellow to light amber.


The carts are transferred from the sulphur tunnels to the adjacent drying tunnels, where they are dried in temperatures of 145–155°F for 18 to 20 hours.

The trays are removed from the drying tunnels and the golden raisins are taken off the trays and put into bins, which then head to the plant for packaging.


Jumbo Golden Raisins/Sultanas Chile 

We supply: Large succulent and flavourful. Lovely to eat as a snack or mixed with nuts. Made from the sugraone grape, light vegetable oil dressing, contains sulphur



San Felipe, Chile

As a central part of our work, it is the social responsibility. Our strategy is based on the premise of having trained and happy people working in our fields. We believe, strongly, that we must promote the development of the community to prevent rural-urban migration. 

This is achieved by delivering work permanently, implementing a number of initiatives to train our people so that they can develop, not only in the professional field, but also in the staff.

Study programs aimed at the community of San Rafael

Sicopedagogía programs for 120 children at social risk, in order to improve their reading comprehension

Permanent university scholarships

Other initiatives related to the religious community

Cooperation agreements with universities in seeking to professionalize our Social Responsibility initiatives, we have developed plans for joint cooperation with the main objective of consolidating activities with the community and create a strategic vision that seeks to improve the working environment and productivity.


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