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Lexia Raisins
Lexia Raisins
Lexia Raisins
Lexia RaisinsLexia RaisinsLexia Raisins

Lexia Raisins

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Lexia raisins from Australia.

These are the raisins with the most flavour. They come from a large variety of grape with big seeds (Muscat). In order to mechanically de-seed them before sale, their skin must be ruptured. This leads to a slight oozing of sugars making them stick together. They are not as visually appealing as flame raisins but have much more flavour. They are dressed in vegetable oil to make them easier to handle. They are the best raisins for baking, especially fruit cakes, mince pies and Christmas puddings. Good in live yoghurt.

Gin-soaked raisins

For years certain customers have faithfully bought Lexia raisins for the treatment of arthritis. Put 100g raisins in a bowl, cover with gin and stir gently. Place a cloth over the bowl and wait several weeks until all of the gin has evaporated. Eat 9 drunken raisins per day!

We supply: Sunbeam Foods Australian Lexia Raisins 2016 crop  washed  seeded metal detected  in a light vegetable oil dressing.

Sunbeam Foods has been based in the Mildura district since 1926. The sun drenched region, with its rich red soil irrigated by the Murray River, Australia’s largest river, produces quality dried fruit that is world renowned.

We source fruit from growers across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and even Western Australia. More than 300 employees work across the country to bring the finest dried fruit to the market.

Here at Sunbeam we believe that the natural goodness of sun-ripened fruits and nuts helps you live healthier, and provides the inspiration to create delicious food from nature’s best produce.




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