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Currants are produced from a small variety of grape, the Zante (or Corinth). The name ‘currant’ gradually evolved from ‘Corinth’, the Greek port near to where the currants were originally produced. Greece still supplies 80% of all the world’s currants.

Currants are small with thin skins and are mostly used in baking, currant buns etc. they are also good in muesli and in slow-cooked stews where they disintegrate and add overall sweetness and depth to the liquor.

Currants also:

Are a key source of polyphenolic components, which have antioxidant actions, fortifying the body against heart disease and cancer.

They are rich in minerals, especially magnesium, potassium and zinc.

They contain a high percentage of dietary fibre, which contributes to proper bowel function.

They have a high fructose content (hence their sweetness), which, in contrast to glucose, has a very low glycaemic index. As a result, currants have a moderate glycaemic index (55-63).

Belussis Currants:

Founded in 1906 in Pyrgos, Ilia, by Antonis Belussis.

In 1985 the company was passed on to his son, John Belussis, who developed the activities of the company, initiating the operation of a new factory in Platani, Patra, in Achaia. Since 2000, the "reins" of the company were taken over by John Panagiotopoulos, who remains in charge until today.

The production and packaging process of the currants takes place in its entirety in the modern facilities of our factory, which is housed in a space of 5,000 square meters, in a private area of ​​22,000 square meters. The company operates exclusively in the production, packaging and export of naturally sun-dried currants, with the product name "Acropolis Provincial Currants".

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