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The original tissue salt formula is back in the UK and Ireland


In the late 19th century Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler established his theory that 12 mineral cell salts were essential for good health. He thought that deficiencies, or an imbalance in one or more of these salts at the cellular level, were related to ill health. Using his knowledge of homoeopathy, Schuessler developed tablets containing micro doses of these cell, or tissue salts, to correct these imbalances. These tablets were to be dissolved under the tongue and represented an early form of modern nutritional supplementation. Schuessler's Cell Salt system was taken to the USA where it was commercially produced by a company called Luyties.

The New Era Treatment Co of London, (later to become New Era Laboratories Ltd.) introduced Luyties’ "Elasto", for tired and aching legs (Combination P) to the UK in 1923 and the full range of 12 Single Mineral Cell salts was successfully launched in 1927. These were later followed with the range of Combination Salts designed to treat specific minor ailments. Consumers liked being able to self-select the product they needed and so Combinations H for Hayfever, Q for Catarrh and B for Nerves became among the most popular products in the UK health trade.

In the mid 1990’s New Era’s owners were acquired by a pharmaceutical company who had limited interest in the New Era part of the acquired business. Together with the introduction of new EU Registration Licensing rules, this led to New Era being sold to their Italian distributor in 2013 where the brand continued to thrive. Although New Era has been absent from the UK since then, and hard compressed tablet alternatives have appeared on the market, none have matched the popularity of New Era. Many consumers and retailers lobbied for the return of their New Era favourites, because of the unique, small "melt under the tongue" tablets.

Now at last, after consultation with the regulatory bodies, Power Health is bringing the New Era range back to the UK, with some added benefits too. Inside each new screw cap tub, the product range still provides all the original Single and Combination Mineral Cell Salts still produced in the traditional New Era way. They still melt in the same way and have added biotin to enhance their action whilst contributing to normal macronutrient metabolism.

New Era is back with a fresh new look.

New Era Mineral Cell Salts are prepared using the traditional 90 year old method of finely grinding mineral ingredients to tiny particles, a process known as trituration. This material is used to produce the unique ‘FastMelt’, dissolve on or under the tongue tablets, for which New Era is famous.

Cell Salt nutrients are more rapidly absorbed into the blood stream than any ordinary tablet can achieve when chewed, swallowed or taken with a drink.

There are 12 Single Mineral Cell salts and 18 Combination Mineral Cell salt formulations in the range, all with distinct benefits. Each includes a micro amount of the essential nutrient biotin to support their absorption and effectiveness. It also contributes to the health maintenance of normal, skin and hair and the normal function of the nervous system, mucous membranes and metabolism.

We believe that New Era is poised to become the leading brand once again.

New Era is THE name for Mineral Cell Salts in the UK.


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