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Yogi Bhajan, an Indian spiritual teacher who brought the Sikh religion to the West, began teaching Kundalini Yoga in America in 1969. After each yoga class, he served a special spice tea to his students, which they affectionately named "Yogi Tea". The tea was a blend of five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. Ayurvedic medicine holds that this combination of spices has unique, healthful properties, so they are still included in many current Yogi Tea formulas.

YOGI TEAs are created with purpose, using masterfully blended ingredients. Our philosophy is rooted in Ayurveda, which combines sensual pleasure with a balanced approach to overall health and well-being

YOGI TEA is committed to providing the highest quality ingredients while also protecting the earth’s natural resources. The herbs and spices we use in our teas are grown in controlled organic environments wherever possible. To date, we have managed to source all 70 of our herbs and spices organically

Organic farming offers a number of benefits to consumers, farmers, and the environment. Organic techniques rely on the environment's natural cycles to replenish the richness of the soil. Since rich soil yields strong, pest-resistant crops, farmers do not need chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This creates a healthy work environment for the farmers. These techniques also maintain topsoil integrity, reduce the amount of chemical run-off into lakes, streams and ground water, and (most importantly) provide the consumer with food that is all natural and chemical-free.

Today, we continue in our genuine concern for the health of our customers and we stand behind our commitment of creating quality natural products. We believe that the high standards we keep and the organic ingredients we use in our teas make YOGI TEA the outstanding successful company it is today.

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