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BIO-HEALTH LTD. was incorporated in 1981 for the purpose of initiating the first range of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements totally free from additives.

There was then, as now, serious concern that many ingredients, not always disclosed on the labels, were being widely used in the manufacture of tablets being offered as "health foods". Health food retailers and their customers were becoming increasingly subject to commercial exploitation in an industry where pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, using mass-production methods, and who did not share the health food philosophy, became suppliers of nutritional supplements.

With the assistance of a major capsule manufacturer and following months of research and development, methods were devised for successfully filling vitamin, mineral and herbal formulations entirely without additives. The dose form chosen was a two-piece hard shell capsule. Soft capsules required plasticisers and were prone to fungal and bacterial proliferation due to their high moisture content. Hard shell capsules, proved ideal for filling with uncompressed powders. The contents quickly disperse and dissolve in the gastric juices ensuring full utilisation of the natural enzyme-assisted digestive process, ensuring assimilation. The contents can be dissolved into a drink or sprinkled on to food, discarding the "pull apart" vegetarian shells for those who find it difficult to swallow capsules.

The "Pure-fil" range of products was launched at the end of 1981 and extended to cover a wide selection of herbs in 1996, and the registered Trade Mark appears on Bio-Health’s products. This is a guarantee that it is totally free from additives and of the highest quality. "Pure-fil" Vegan products have particular appeal to those averse to chemical additives in supplements and have allergic reactions to them. They are recommended by the Hyperactive Children's Society and approved by Action Against Allergy.

Bio-Health maintains a conscientious approach to the products they manufacture and now market plant ointments and licensed herbal medicinal products of the highest and finest quality, compatible with genuine holistic and "health food" principles


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